STARK sells New and Used Concrete safety barrier. New barriers are in according to standard sizes and shapes, which maintains the city image. They are used in major projects as Temporary diversion, Deep Excavation, Events, Emergency Road Dividers, Electric Poles, and high Tension Poles etc.

Over time, barriers become slightly damaged from relocation, weather, vehicles or equipment. As a result, we provide also used barriers for our clients at a reasonable price for short-term works. Used precast concrete barrier will have various states of appearance, and will be priced accordingly. All used barrier for use on state and province highways must be crash worth and must be repaired using approved methods by the respective authorities. Used concrete barrier can be refurbished if you are concerned about appearance & can be patched and repainted.


We also offer Safety concrete barriers on Rental Basis too. This facility is an economical solution especially for clients with very short term projects like short term diversions, exhibitions, events, excavations landscaping works etc.

  • You don’t have to waste your valuable storing area and repairing concrete barrier.
  • One of the major annoyances of finding trucks and reliable truck drivers, scheduling and tracking deliveries can be escaped.
  • We will deliver and pick up the entire barrier of your requirements to your worksite.
  • delivery fleets assure you of prompt service for large and small quantities of barrier.
  • from engaging your valuable capital, buying barriers, storage space when you could be investing it in your business. Save time and money that would have been spent on maintaining, storing, delivering


Stark would be happy provide loading, transportation & offloading services to our clients 24/7 according to the requirements of the clients all over UAE and OMAN

Clients can get away from the annoyance of finding appropriate trucks and drivers, cranes etc... thereby Scheduling and tracking deliveries to the work sites on time.

​Ready to Delivery all over UAE and Oman At a very best Price